The Best Chefs In The World Right Now

It’s no secret that becoming a world famous chef is one of the most difficult endeavours of the modern age, being even more difficult than reaching stardom in Hollywood. It means putting in countless years of endless refinement, always striving to make the best dishes from the freshest ingredients, and never allowing any mistakes to happen.

Most famous chefs started out by going to culinary school to form a basis for their skill and chosen cuisine, after which they will work on the line for a good number of years. Only the most daring, competitive, and innovative chefs will move on to gain fame, and an even small number of these will earn Michelin stars or cause enough of a stir to get their own restaurants. These are some of the best chefs of the modern age.

Marco Pierre White

Known as the godfather of modern cuisine, Marco Pierre White is a British celebrity chef that has gained international renown for reimagining cuisines from across the world. He was the youngest chef of all time to receive three Michelin stars by the age he was 33, and it’s a reputation that he has upheld ever since. Training the likes of Curtis stone and Gordon Ramsey, this is a chef that is known as much for his incredible temper as his truly amazing food.

Heston Blumenthal

Blumenthal is an English chef that gained a reputation for understanding the science behind cooking, and it’s an understanding that he’s used to catapult himself to the top of the pile in the food world. It took years of hard work to establish himself as a well known chef, and even further work to open the restaurants that are now doing extremely well. The Fat Duck is his most famous eatery, which has been voted as among the best 50 restaurants in the world, and requires diners having to win big online in order to afford the prices.

Gordon Ramsay

Under the tutelage of the above-mentioned chef, Ramsay has become the world’s most well known chef, hosting a myriad of different shows, and running some of the best restaurants that the industry has to offer. Like White, Ramsay is known for his fiery temper, something that has been shown frequently in the many shows that he’s been involved in. He’s currently the owner of 14 Michelin stars, Ramsay is no doubt a truly talented chef that always transforms his food into the stuff of legends.

Wolfgang Puck

Puck, who is from Austria, changed the restaurant world completely be combining different cuisines together, where he constantly strives to create something new and unique. His career as a world renown chef has led to the opening of restaurants, the writing of cookbooks, and the owner of an array of successful businesses. While he may not be as skilled some of the other entries on this list, in terms of financial success, no one can match the accomplishments of Puck and what he has created over a long and prestigious career.