The Most Difficult And Complex Recipes Around

There are few ways better ways of spending an evening than making a hearty and simple meal that the entire family can enjoy. Sometimes, however, we want to be a bit more daring, and try something complex that many others have warned against.

Without the technical skill and experience required to successfully reproduce the recipe, it inevitably ends up as something of a mess, and leaves us never wanting to try it again.

For those that are wanting to push their cooking skills to an entirely new level, these are some of the most complex and difficult-to-make dishes in the world, and should only be tried along with an extremely healthy dose of patience.


They’re easy to find at the shops or the local bakery, and their prevalence makes them seem like they are relatively easy to create – but don;t be fooled by these flaky delicacies, as they can be a total nightmare to make at home.

They require plenty of practice, which means building the technique of working the dough until it’s at a perfect consistency. Many make it using modern puff pastry, which makes it significantly easy to recreate good croissants, although developing the right technical skill is absolutely essential.


Macarons are small, sweet and extremely hard to make without sometimes years of practice due to their annoying habit of not baking properly. It’s a long and tedious process that often sees them either burning on the outside completely, or coming out of the oven raw on the inside. Macarons take endless practice to get right, but with enough patience, the end result are some of the best confectionery treats that we can make without leaving the house.


This is technically a clear soup that consists of a wide range of different ingredients, with some of the most common being tomato, egg whites, stock, and meat. The chef would usually very slowly simmer the soup to bring any impurities to the surface, after which they would simply be skimmed off.

It’s a dish that has gained something of an international reputation due to how difficult it is to get right, specifically when it comes to the main process of clarification. In fact, it’s a dish that even some of the most experienced chefs in the industry can battle with, and one that can be downright stressful to make, especially without prior experience.


Three birds in one, the turducken has been a popular choice for getting the best of all three worlds, but it’s also a dish that can go horribly wrong if not done properly. Each kind of meat has a preference when it comes to cooking, and getting them all cooked well without becoming too dry or being too raw is a true effort.

One way of getting this dish right is by removing all of the smaller bones that are present in the chicken, as well as slightly precooking the chicken before starting on the other two birds.