How To Use Ingredient Substitutes

In the world of cooking, most cooks and chefs are generally going to use the same ingredients. A good example is salt – there aren’t many recipes in the world that don’t call for salt in some amount, and it’s an important part of the flavouring process. But at the same time, salt is closely linked to increased blood pressure, and sometimes a person must forgo salt completely, which is where a substitute comes in.

Foods To Help You Manage Your Cholesterol Levels

We all crave delicious, oily junk food every once in a while. From cheesy burgers to crispy fries, it’s easy to go for the unhealthier food options. But often, in that craving, we forget the effect they can have on our bodies.

They are one of the many reasons people are inactive, follow poor diets and have high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol, two types – HDL (the good kind) and LDL (the bad kind) cholesterol – is in all our bodies and is responsible for assisting in digesting meals and producing hormones. However, when they appear in excess, they can damage the heart.

Transform Your Dishes with These Basic Ingredients

When it comes time to create a spectacular dish, we often go for the more “glamorous” ingredients. You know, the ones that you’re always seeing celebrity chefs use on Tv. Of course, these ingredients are certainly worth the hype, however, we often get so consumed by the hype that we often overlook some of the most basic ingredients that could take the meal to the next level.