The Restaurants Which Make Gordon Ramsay Famous

When you hear the name ‘Gordon Ramsay’, what do you immediately think of? If the first thing that you think of is ‘profanity’ and ‘Hells Kitchen’ you’d be forgiven! However, there’s a lot more to this world-renowned chef than meets the eye and he has a slew of restaurants around the world to which people flock. Here are some of the highlights.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

After a knee injury prematurely ended Gordon’s football career, he when back to school and earned himself a qualification in hotel management. After having apprenticed under some of Europe’s finest chefs and being the head chef at Aubergine, he opened Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which is the start of his restaurant empire.

Holding three Michelin stars, the highlight of this restaurant is the Inspiration Table. Guests at this table have a bespoke menu created for them and the chefs bring them into their methods behind their exquisite culinary genius.

Gordon Ramsay Bar And Grill

If you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe, then Gordon Ramsay Bar and Grill is right up your alley. The restaurant serves  English classics such as fish and chips as well as various cuts of meat and the beef wellington that Ramsay has become famous for.

Gordon Ramsay is a great believer that smaller menus are best as they offer the restaurant the ability to concentrate on what they deliver so that they can deliver a flavour punch to the diner. This is why the menu at Gordon Ramsay Bar and Grill is not more than a page long.

He has translated this restaurant concept to the United States and branches of Gordon Ramsay Pub And Grill can be found in:

  • Las Vegas
  • Atlantic City

Hells Kitchen

The TV show that established Gordon as a celebrity chef. The concept of the show was simple. He had two teams – a team of women and a team of men. These people all worked with food in some shape or form – some were head chefs while others were line cooks as well as even kitchen managers.

Gordon would then put the team members through their paces, challenging them to display their skills in everything a chef would do, from designing dishes with various proteins to distinguishing tastes where they were blindfolded and had music blaring in their ears through a set of headphones. It was as entertaining as if you were to play now and win!

At the end of every single episode, the men’s and women’s team would each cook for one side of the Hells Kitchen restaurant. The diners came to Hells Kitchen not knowing when they would get their food, however, what they were always guaranteed of is a great show with Gordon publicly shaming team members and dismissing them from the kitchen if they consistently put a foot wrong.

The original Hells Kitchen was situated in Los Angeles, but it has since moved to Las Vegas with a second branch opening up in Lake Tahoe.

Gordon Ramsay has branched out and has taken up other pursuits that aren’t related to food. For example, he penned his biography and is involved in a lot of charity work through his foundation. We can’t wait to see what Gordon does next!