The Best Chefs On YouTube Right Now

YouTube chefs

For the last few decades, the food industry has largely been focused on big television networks, which tend to be made up of various cooking shows and competitions.

This proved to be incredibly successful for many years, but as the internet has become a more important part of our lives, many of the younger generations are starting to turn away from television and to platforms like YouTube.

YouTube has been one of the great successes of our time, garnering hundreds of millions of views every single day around the world and leading to the rise of entirely YouTube-based networks and channels that have become more popular than ever. Here we will explore some of the YouTube channels and chefs that are the most well-known on the platform.

Binging with Babish

With his signature style, culinary skills, and focus on dishes from popular culture, Babish is arguably at the top of the pile when it comes to YouTube cooking channels. Each one of his videos draws in millions of views, and it’s one of the few channels on the site that has seen non-stop growth almost from the moment it went live.

Babish is a relatable but skilled chef that puts a lot of emphasis on making his own dishes from scratch, and his voice over work keeps the watcher engaged throughout each video. While not everything he makes can be easily emulated, especially where the more exotic ingredients are involved, but he gives a good overview of how he works and what he uses to make his recipes.


Another down to earth and relatable YouTuber, Emmy is a cook that tends to focus on the weirder recipes that she comes across, especially more historical dishes that would otherwise be found nowhere else.

With over 2 million subscribers on her main channel, her videos easily crack well over 100,000 views within the first day of being released, something that 99% of YouTube channels will never be able to achieve.

Almazan Kitchen

Almazan Kitchen has made big waves in the online cooking community both for the recipes and ingredients they use, but also because of their remarkable location. Almost all of their videos take place out in the forest, and almost all of the food is cooked over an open fire, offering a relaxing distraction before getting back to the best games where players can win big here.

The vast majority of the ingredients they use are fresh and home made, often leading to some truly incredible dishes that anyone would find hard to resist. The people that run the channel have gone to great lengths to keep themselves as anonymous as possible, which many feel simply adds to the overall experience.


As one of the most wholesome chefs around, Maangchi is known for her happy and warm demeanour, and for her focus on recreating famous South Korean dishes. The food she creates always has a unique twist, thanks to her many years of experience, but it’s her relaxed and cheerful moods that keep viewers coming back for every new video that she releases.