Great Alternatives To Meat

Veganism is a movement that’s sweeping the world. For ethical, environmental, and personal reasons, many people are deciding to ditch meat for alternatives. And there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, with many of them offering the same flavours and textures that more traditional meats provide.

For those that want to start catering for a vegan audience or want to learn more about the many meat alternatives there are on the market, these are the most popular right now.

1. Jackfruit

Pulled pork is a true favourite, and it can be difficult to find an alternative that quite hits the sweet spot between texture and softness. But jackfruit provides a great balance that also boasts plenty of the same flavour.

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that when prepared properly, tastes extremely similar to conventional pulled pork. It even has the same pull-apart goodness that has made pulled pork such a worldwide favourite.

2. Tofu

Made from fermented soy beans, tofu has been used in traditional Asian cooking for many years, and it can be used successfully as a substitute when prepared well. There are many types of tofu on the market, both firm and soft, each offering a different texture depending on the dish that’s being made.

It’s designed to absorb as much flavour as possible, making tofu a great choice when paired with dishes that contain deep flavour but are missing that all-important texture.

3. Seitan

Seitan is made from wheat gluten, and it’s become a popular alternative for chicken thanks to its soft texture. It’s also a great choice for barbecue dishes, especially when it has been given time to marinate and soak up flavour.

It can be used in a variety of recipes, ranging from tacos to stews to straight grilling and covered in sauce, perfect for allowing it to sit while the chef enjoys online bingo UK.

4 .Beans

Beans are a lot more versatile than many people might realise, and they’ve become a popular ingredient to use in place of mince for burgers. Ground into a fine paste and added with other ingredients, it’s possible to make burger patties that retain the same texture and flavour that one would expect from a beef burger.

In fact, there are many award-winning restaurants that make use of beans to create their famous burgers.

5. Mushrooms

There has been a lot of innovation in the plant-based meat substitute world, and mushrooms have been used to make sausages that are similar in many ways to the original thing.

Mushroom sausages are flavourful and are cooked using the same methods used for meat sausages, but usually without the leftover fat that accumulates in the pan after frying.

6. Tempeh

Similar in some ways to tofu, tempeh is made from soybeans, but consists of a different texture that’s more similar to chicken.

It’s incredibly versatile, and can hold its shape well, making it great for grilled sandwiches and other similar dishes. It’s easy to cook, full of flavour, and makes for a great and surprising alternative.