The Most Popular Dishes Throughout Africa

When people imagine really good food, they tend to imagine a recipe from Italy or Germany, places that are well-known for their delicious recipes and hearty meals. Fewer might picture Africa, a continent packed to the brim with countless cultures and cuisines, and there are many dishes found throughout the continent that are truly without equal.

For those wanting to take a trip to Africa or simply want to try some African cuisine at home, these are some of the most popular dishes that can be found around the continent.

1. Kapenta – Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a gem of a country that everyone should try and see at least once on their travels. One of the more commonly eaten foods is kapenta, which is made up of small pieces of fish that are native to Lake Tanganyika.

They are an important source of protein to many people living in the region, and they make for a delicious food that’s often paired with maize porridge. Maize is very much a staple in many parts of Africa, and the Zimbabweans called in sadza. Kapenta and sadza are a match made in heaven, and are often stewed with tomatoes, onions, and fresh greens.

2. Bunny Chow – South Africa

Despite the strange name, bunny chow is incredibly popular within the country of South Africa, specifically along the eastern coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. This region has a high Indian population, and over the years they’ve created an assortment of unique and delicious foods that have spread through much of the country.

Bunny Chow consists of a loaf of bread that has been cut in half, and then stuffed with a curry of choice. It’s a warming and savoury dish that has become something of a staple in many parts of South Africa.

3. Jollof Rice – Nigeria

Anyone that knows anything about Nigerian cuisine will be well aware that it’s extremely diverse depending on where in the country a visitor is. One of the more common staples, however, is jollof rice.

This is made up of a mixture of spices, vegetables, and rice, and is often served alongside other dishes, such as egusi soup. It’s packed with flavour, and is often served at parties and festivals, although it isn’t uncommon to find it being eaten in the household on a daily basis.

Nigerians are also fans of various soups and seafood dishes, and they boast one of the most appetizing cuisines in the world, perfect for eating with family, in front of the TV, or while enjoying the latest NRL betting NZ has to offer.

4. Venison – Namibia

Namibia is one of the wildest countries in Africa and is home to some of the largest national parks in the world. One staple among the people that live there is venison, meat that’s harvested from such animals as kudu, gemsbok, ostrich, and more.

It tends to be leaner than beef, but also offers a much more natural taste, as well as a number of health benefits. Namibians are known for having the best venison that money can buy.