Transform Your Dishes with These Basic Ingredients

When it comes time to create a spectacular dish, we often go for the more “glamorous” ingredients. You know, the ones that you’re always seeing celebrity chefs use on Tv. Of course, these ingredients are certainly worth the hype, however, we often get so consumed by the hype that we often overlook some of the most basic ingredients that could take the meal to the next level.

Flat-leaf Parsley

For many, this herb is just a garnish that is often tossed aside before eating. The truth is, if you are looking to elevate the taste and flavour of the vegetables that you are cooking, flat=leaf parsley should be on the top of your list. And, in addition to adding flavour, it can also add a pop of colour.


This soup staple is more flavourful than we give it credit for. It is available in so many varieties, with some even being spicy when raw. Grating some turnip into your dish could give it that extra kick it needs.


What is usually garnishing for a Bloody Mary can also be used to add texture and a pop of freshness to any dish.

Chicken Skin

This is often discarded at some point during the cooking process, but really shouldn’t be. When baked, it can add a salty crunch to a dish – we enjoy adding it as a seasoning and not as a standalone element as the flavour can be slightly overpowering as a result of the seasoning.

Sweet Potato

In recent times, we have seen sweet potato used in so many different ways. As a result, the world is finally taking note of this humble root vegetable and the versatility it offers. From boiled to fried and everything in between, the sweet potato can do it all.

Egg White Powder

This is the easiest way to add protein to a dish without adding carbs or fat. It can replace starches in dishes or even be added to your morning smoothie. Having said this, it can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes without impacting the flavour.


With so many different spices available just like the multitude of games you’ll find at an online casino India site, we often forget about the most versatile spice of them all – salt. Often, when a dish seems flat, a pinch of salt will bring it to life. Of course, use it with caution as too much will overpower your dish.


In some instances, flavours need a bit of help to come forward, and the acidity of vinegar can do exactly that. Acidity is often lacking, and the reason for unbalanced dishes.


Bring to life the umami notes of any dish, try anchovies. It’s not about showcasing the fish, but rather, using it to season a dish and create an out of this world culinary experience.

When it comes to bringing out the flavour of any dish, start by looking at what you have in your pantry. Often, it is the most humble ingredients that pack the most punch.