Morocco’s Top-Rated Restaurants

Morocco is truly one of the gems of northern Africa, and a country that more people should try and see on their travels.

Found right at the top of the continent, Morocco boasts a rich and vibrant culture steeped in history, and it’s not uncommon for visitors to stay in the country for longer than they expected, simply because there’s so much to do and see.

It’s also a country that offers a great variety of foods, with a cuisine that consists of influences from around the world. Morocco is a foodie’s paradise, and there are some eateries spread throughout the country that are worth giving a visit.

Latitude 31

Latitude 31 can be found in the city of Marrakesh, this eatery is set in a small courtyard, and it’s  bound to give visitors a one-of-a-kind experience that few other venues in the city can offer. It’s a great combination of new and old, with traditional Moroccan recipes that have modern twists.

It’s also the perfect choice for vegetarians, as they offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes on the menu. This alone sets Latitude 31 apart, especially in a country where there tend to be quite a large focus on meat.

Rick’s Cafe

There are few cities that are as famous as Casablanca, and it’s got its fair share of eateries to choose from. One of the most recommended is Rick’s Cafe, and while it has the title of Cafe, this eatery is so much more than that.

Run by a woman that’s originally from the United States, this venue is designed to try and emulate the romance of the movie Casablanca, named after the city, that it’s set in. Live music is almost always on the go, and the movie itself is played on a loop constantly. The décor is gorgeous, the food is almost without equal, and the ambience is like no other in the world.


Rabat is another city that’s a popular choice among travellers, and just like Casablanca, there are more than a few choices when it comes to local cuisine. Matsuri is unique in that it focuses almost completely on Japanese food, making it a perfect spot for those craving something more eastern.

Thanks to the fresh seafood that comes in daily from the surrounding coast, there’s never a shortage of ingredients for the authentic Japanese dishes that are served. Eaters can even indulge in sushi, something that’s otherwise rare in north Africa, while also making it a great place to relax with some online betting NZ.

La Scala

La Scala offers a great choice of seafood dishes that make for a welcomed addition for anyone that’s staying in Agadir, a popular resort that’s located on one of Morocco’s most famous beaches. Visitors can look through a huge menu that has just about every kind of seafood imaginable, much of being caught fresh from the ocean that day. Salmon, tuna, sole, and so much more is on offer, and it’s the perfect establishment to spend a warm afternoon.