The Oldest Recipes In The World

Oldest Recipes

A deep love of food is a universal commonality that the human shares across the globe, and it’s lead to the creation of countless thousands of unique recipes since the dawn of civilisation. These are recipes that were shaped out of necessity, culture, curiosity, and experimentation, and it led to some truly incredible dishes that we still eat to this day.

From curries to to stews, these are some of the world’s most ancient recipes that are just as popular today as they were when they were first created by our ancestors.


While not technically a food dish, beer is nevertheless an important part of the global experience, and many historians believe that it was one of the very first recipes that our most ancient ancestors experimented with.

As a species, we have a love affair with the many different types of beers that we produce around the world, with the oldest brewery in the world being found in a cave in Israel, which historians have dated back to around 13000 years ago.


Like beer, creating bread is one of the first things we did after the start of the agriculture revolution that catapulted our species from one of hunters and gathered to long term farmers. And just like beer, some of the oldest known bread creation stations date back to 9000+ years ago, also in Israel, which shows a strong link between the creation of beer and bread.

Both use similar methods of early creation in terms of fermentation and yeast, which is most likely how the invention of one quickly lead to the invention of the other. Today, bread is  the world’s most common staple, and comes in endless variations.


Pancakes may seem like a dish that only became popular in modern times to keep us sated while we enjoy our favourite TV shows or play now and win, but some of our very oldest ancestors from the Neolithic period were proven to have enjoyed pancakes along with their every day diet. This means that pancakes were first made over 6000 years ago.


Stew is fundamentally the same  no matter which country is in question, as the basic method of creating stew is universal. It consists of a base of vegetables, along with various meats and other ingredients that are all slowly simmered in water until complete.

The oldest known stews were created around 8000 years ago, making it one of the very oldest recipes in the world that is still very much in use to this day.


Curry and stew are very much the same, except curry is more exclusive to the regions of modern day India, and was first developed closer to 2600 years ago.

It was first tasted by western peoples when the British made their way to India, and it quickly proved to be an instant success, one that would see curry being spread across the world to become one of the most popular dishes of all time. Today, curry can be found in every continent, and remains a staple for millions of people in India.