The Most Common Cuisines Globally

A cuisine is defined as a style of cooking that’s closely linked with a culture or region, and it acts as the basis for many of the dishes that we know and love today. There are countless cuisines just as there are countless cultures and peoples across the planet, and each one offers its own, unique recipes.

There are a few cuisines that have become so popular throughout the globe that they can now be found in just about every country out there. Here we will look at some of these popular cuisines and what sets them apart from the many others.

  1. Italian

Arguably among the most popular in countries like the United States and, of course, its own country of Italy, this is a cuisine that needs very little introduction. While many of the traditional recipes can only be found within their founding country, just as many have been transformed as they made their way around the world. Pizzas and pastas are among the most well-known, and much of their food includes basil, tomatoes, pestos, olive oil, and plenty of cheeses.

  1. Chinese

It’s a common misconception that pasta originated in Italy, where the Italians actually learnt how to make it from traders that had spent time in China. China is the original home of many of the gastronomic delights that we enjoy, including noodles, rice, fish, and more. While Chinese food can easily be found in most Western countries, there’s nothing quite like going to China itself and partaking in the more popular dishes that are eaten by the people living there.

  1. French

French cuisine is something we’ve all become accustomed with, whether it’s from the croissants we buy for breakfast at the local bakery, or the garlic and onion base that we use for most of our dishes. This is a cuisine that has been honed to something of a fine art, to the point where professional French chefs have to spend years learning how to properly execute the various flavours and subtleties to get their dishes just right. After the previous two, this is by far one of the most influential in the culinary world, and classically trained French chefs are some of the most respected in the world.

  1. Indian

As one of the most delicious (and spiciest) cuisines in the world, Indian food is packed with boundless flavours and colours, and its become particularly popular in the United Kingdom and South Africa, where the latter has the biggest Indian population outside of India. Curry tends to be the most well-known Indian dish, and it’s usually packed with plenty of spices and aromatics, each conveying a unique flavour, but you can play now with just about any flavour and ingredient imaginable.

  1. Mexican

The Mexicans are known for creating spicy but delicious foods that can be found on most street corners in the big cities. Their cuisine has travelled north, where it has been used as a base for entire eatery franchises. Mexican food usually involves strong flavours, chilli, and a mix of beans and meats to create something that most people simply can’t get enough of.