The Best Vegan Eateries In The USA

vegan places to eat

Veganism has turned into something much more than a simple trend, with hundreds of millions of vegans across the world, and an incredible amount of people switching to a lifestyle that aims to cut down on animal products as much as possible. And like with most movements that have become popular around the world, there are usually a number of subcultures that pop up alongside them. For vegans, this means an entire food industry that is now worth billions.

Here we will look at some of the very best vegan restaurants that can be found throughout the United States.

Somebody People

Somebody People is vegan restaurant that can be found in Denver, but the food isn’t the only reason to check this venue out, although the Mediterranean-inspired menu is like nothing else around. The décor is truly unique, with a vibe that has to be seen to be believed.

The entire place is almost entirely devoted to David Bowie, including the name, and artwork dedicated to the famous singer can be found throughout. Along with this, the owners of Somebody People have gone zero waste, meaning the eatery creates no waste at the end of the day.

Breads on Oak

Found in New Orleans, Breads on Oak is a one of a kind restaurant that’s dedicated to providing good food that’s not only delicious, but ethical too.

With a menu that’s like no other and zero waste policies that match Somebody People, anyone with a passion for both saving the planet and eating good food will want to check this place out. The main focus here is on breads of all shapes and sizes, but this also includes an array of amazing sandwiches and other delicacies that make Bread on Oak worth the visit.

Natural Selection

Northeast Portland is home to Natural Selection, a venue with a name as apt as the food that it serves. Most of the menu is inspired by European dishes, a far cry from what vegan cuisine is generally associated with, and visitors can expect to find a range of classics that have been fully transformed to be as ethical as possible without skipping out on either flavour or presentation.

This is a great spot to chill with good food either with friends or just for a bit while gaming online.

Public Records

Like the other entries on this list, Public Records is a vibrant and unique location that will attract anyone that’s grown bored of the usual restaurant setting and want to try something totally new and thrilling. Located in Brooklyn in the heart of New York, Public Records offers a hip and current eating scene that offers more than just food.

Visitors will be able to order their favourite vegan meals while also checking out some of the many entertainment options on offer, from a range of vinyls for both listening and buying, as well as an assortment of books and more.