The Best Restaurants Seats Money Can Buy

If there’s one industry that has truly exploded around the world in the last 100 years, it’s the food industry. From fast food to the finest dining experiences, food has always been an integral part of the human experience – and today’s food industry sees a massive plethora of different cuisines being offered in locations across the globe.

Going out and having a dinner date with a significant other is usually a reason to celebrate, and can mean coughing up a bit more for the meal, but there are some restaurants in the world that are so expensive to dine at that seats are usually only reserved for the rich and famous. These are eateries that offer only the highest quality ingredients paired with some of the best-trained chef the food industry has to offer.

Ultraviolet – Shanghai

Regarded as one of the world’s most elite eateries, Ultraviolet has become renown across the globe for both its incredible location as well as the high price diners will need to pay in order to enjoy what\s on the menu. Those visiting the restaurant are expected to pay at least $600 for the pleasure, although the cost comes with the guarantee of extremely delicious foods; and consists of up to 20 tasting courses, all presented in a different way. On top of this, diners can experience the delight of the Shanghai city skyline, a rainbow of different colours that perfectly accentuate the restaurant.

Per Se – New York

Per Se opened to the public in 2004 by Thomas Kellers, a three star Michelin chef that has long been at the forefront of the modern food industry. The dishes in question are some of the finest that money can buy, where diners will need to pay over $600 per head, although it’s arguably worth every cent. On top of the three tasting menus, Per Se offers more than 2000 different bottles of wine.

Masa – New York

Run by famed chef Massa Takayama, this eatery is among the most expensive that the industry has to offer, with approximate costs for the diner coming in at around $595, which does not include both the taxes on the food as well as the cost of drinks. All the food on offer, however, is offered fresh from the kitchen, where the chefs improve for every meal, making something unique based on what’s available for the season. This means that diners don’t have a conventional restaurant to choose from, but instead are treated to a delectable surprise from the chefs. Many consider Masa to be a bit overpriced, but there’s no doubting that it’s a venue aimed at celebrities and the rich, such as those that have won online pokies NZ.


Located in Ibiza, Spain, Sublimotion currently holds the crown for being the most expensive restaurant in the world, where diners can expect to pay almost $2400 on average per head. The menu that’s included with this massive asking price consists of a 20 course tasting experience made up of only the very best ingredients available. The restaurant is only open for a few months during the year, and at the moment is being run by famed Michelin star chef Paco Roncero.