The Planet’s Greatest Pizzerias

Pizza is often considered the world’s most popular food, beating out cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and French fries. The Italian staple, which was once considered a poor man’s food, has spread across the world to become a true favourite for hundreds of millions, and a consistently popular choice at most restaurants that offer it.

Everyone does pizza differently: traditionally, there isn’t that much cheese or other ingredients, while modern pizzas tend to be packed with much more cheese and other goodies. There are some eateries, however, that have taken the classic pizza and turned it into something of a fine art. These are some of the best pizzerias that can be found throughout the globe.

La Gatta Mangiona

The capital of Italy, Rome is a bustling hub of culture and food, and a must-see for anyone with an adventurous spirit. And while there are countless pizza places found in the sprawling city, La Gatta Mangiona has earned itself something of a reputation for having the very best pies around.

One of the reasons for their widespread success is based on the fact that they offer both traditional pizzas with the toppings we’ve come to expect, but also ones that have interesting ingredients that turn them into something truly unique and makes for a great evening out when not spent enjoying online gambling Nigeria games instead.

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Regarded as among the very best pizza restaurants of the modern age, Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo can be found in the region where the pizza was first brought to prominence: Naples. This city, one of the most beautiful in the country, is famous for its pizzas, and taking a trip through the region will allow visitors to get a taste of where the famed pie originally came from. Remember to stop at Pizzeraia Gino Sorbillo, where the pizza is one of a kind and the prices are remarkably low.

Pizzeria Mozza

While the pizza may have its origins with Italy, it’s the United States that turned it into the global phenomena that it is today, and Pizzeria Mozza has some of the best within the US. Perhaps most famous for their crusts, which are a combination of crispy and chewy, Pizzeria Mozza packs a lot of flavour into the end-pieces of each slice, and they’re so good that anyone wanting to give the venue a visit will need to book well in advance.