The Most Dangerous Dishes In The World

Humankind has endeavoured for hundreds of thousands of years to select the kinds of foods that are safe to eat, and it’s a refinement that’s been taken to an entirely new level in the last century.

Today, most food that is available to the public is often made under strict governmental regulation to ensure that it’s safe for consumption, but there are some dishes out there that are so dangerous that they can make the eater incredibly sick, or even worse.

Great Food Shows To Watch

Food shows have been a staple of television broadcasting almost from day one. From the indomitable Julia Child to the fiery Gordon Ramsay, the delectable Nigella Lawson and the classy Anthony Bourdain, people love to get cooking advice and inspiration directly from the experts.

We also love competitions – Master Chef, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc. And then there’s the travel food shows, where we get to have a glimpse into the cuisine of far-flung destinations from the comfort of our own homes.

Restaurateurs With Green Fingers

As time passes, the need to live more sustainably gets ever more important, and many people have started to grow their own fruit and vegetables to save money and avoid pesticides on shop-bought goods.

Not only that, but some restaurants have begun growing food to feed to patrons. Around the world, chefs are turning to their own vegetable patches for fresh and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Getting The Most Out Of Food

When we think of a piece of broccoli, for example, we tend not to be too concerned with how it’s prepared in regard to its nutrient value. Some people prefer to steam their broccoli, while others like to roast in with a cheese sauce poured over. But the way in which certain foods are prepared and cooked can make a huge difference in how available their nutrients are.